“I remember feeling the opposite of falling.”

source: IncubusVEVO (YouTube)

Absolution Calling by Incubus

Okay, I’ll come right out and say it. The first time I saw the video, my first reaction was: “WTF?!” Yes. That’s how bad I thought it was. I love Incubus, and I love this song, and I had such high expectations for the video. I did not like the video, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything bad about Incubus, so I refrained from doing so until I was in a better frame of mind. Yes, I see the influence of West Side Story, but I never imagined that that will serve as an inspiration for this song.

So, yes, I love Incubus, I love this song, but I’ll just forget this video existed (I’m sorry, boys) and stick to the lyric video.

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Incubus – Absolution Calling (lyric video)

I remember feeling the opposite of falling.

Absolution Calling is a departure from the mellow sound that pervaded Incubus’ last album, If Not Now, When? I think the video is meant to be hypnotic, if the intro is any indication. The sound invokes a picture of a big machine rotating and spewing out spirals in the process. And these spirals — I’m using it loosely — is what is shown in the lyric video itself. I’m actually having a difficult time explaining myself here; perhaps because the images are just all in my mind. Actually, the lyric video is like one of those visualization modes shown in your trusty media player. What I love about it, though, is that the lyrics are handwritten; presumably Brandon Boyd’s. It’s similar to what I’ve seen before, on one of those lovely photos he posts on his Instagram.

Okay, I admit I was going to say that Absolution Calling is a welcome departure from INNW. But I refrained from doing so, because using that adjective would have been a disservice to INNW, an album I love. INNW may not be “up there” with their old works, but it came out at a time when I was weary of new sounds that were loud but had no substance. I think I’ve previously explained that I’ve mellowed with age, and I mused that perhaps they had, too. In any case, I love the fact that Incubus can still spew out a new rock song (and this is a rock song, despite the poppiness that hypnotic sound depicts — BUT! that hypnotic sound is what makes this song unique) after that mellow turn.

So, yes, Incubus is back to form, rocking harder than ever despite advancing in age. (Had they known me and they read this, the guys might kill me for pointing this out. Hahaha.) It’s no secret that I am totally amazed at Brandon’s vocals — and it’s showcased here, much to my ears’ delight.

source: IncubusVEVO (YouTube)

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Lifehouse – Flight (lyric video)

source: LifehouseVEVO (YouTube)

Flight by Lifehouse

Lifehouse is back. I mean, really back. Loving that airy part (I’m sorry, I don’t know how to describe it) just before the bridge. And the bridge itself? Jason is sounding better than ever. And the buildup.. Loving Ricky’s drumming.

“Looking forward to Seven” is quite an understatement.

(I’ve been clicking the repeat button for the nth time now. It’s that damn good.)

[There’s a “no more drama” lyric somewhere, right? Haha.]

Edit: the album title has been changed to Out of the Wasteland.

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“Lost my mind over you.”

Pretty ingenious music video, this latest effort from Bush for The Only Way Out, the lead single off their upcoming sixth album Man On The Run. CRT TV for the win! Admittedly, halfway through the video I was distracted by Gavin Rossdale’s visage. Another highlight: watch Chris Traynor drop to the floor after the explosion nearing the end of the video. Love it.

But honestly? What I had been most excited about upon watching this video is seeing the copyright blurb “Sony Music Entertainment”. I’m hoping Sony’s local distributor here, Ivory Records, will release it here. (I had to import The Sea Of Memories to have a copy of that… which is in a way okay, since I was able to get the European version.) And while you’re at it, Ivory, could you also release the deluxe version, please? 😀

source: BushVEVO (YouTube)

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“You’re still in my head, forever stuck.”

Animals by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 continues with the shock effect with the music video for Animals, off their fifth album V. The video follows a meat shop employee, played by Adam Levine, who, infatuated with a customer who walks in, played by Levine’s real-life ladylove Behati Prinsloo, commences to stalk her. Artistically, the video is beautiful, and it captures how a stalker or an obsessed person would behave. But the video is indeed disturbing, and has received flak for trivializing sexual assault.

source: Maroon5VEVO (YouTube)

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