I like listening to music and collecting CDs. (I also have a stash of cassette tapes that I haven’t listened to in years.  They’re probably warped by now in this heat.) And when I find the time (usually on weekends), I watch the videos artists post on their official sites. Having a tendency to curate stuff, I decided to make a collection/curation blog of sorts to showcase my collection of CDs with a short review of the album or song. (Edit: The reviews are the ones blogged… while the CD track lists make up the contents. It’s pretty disorganized right now since I’m still moving things about, testing how they look, etc.) This is a fairly new project, although I formerly maintained a blog where I listed the CDs (but including only their track list) I own. Incidentally, I still update a blog where I post music videos when the mood strikes (often when I scour a particular artist’s YouTube channel).

Majority of the CDs I buy are of the pop-rock genre of the 90s, but I also listen to R&B and pop. I recently delved into house music and dance music, so there will be more to talk about now. (Compilations are a big plus in this endeavor.)

I also like listening to soundtracks. I am particularly happy when I’ve just bought a score, mainly because scores are hard to come by where I live.

Currently, I’m researching for a good set of headphones and DAC, since I realized it makes no sense ripping in “the best” MP3 vbr quality (my prized CDs were FLACd too) without nice headphones.

(P.S. This used to be a blog where I posted blurbs of articles I read online.)

Thank you for dropping by!

Devices I use:
HP Pavilion dm1-4170 Windows 7 ++ iPod Touch (4th generation) ++ iPad Mini ++ gear4 House Party 4-EVO ++ Divoom Iris-02 ++ Scott Bluetooth  portable speaker