Incubus – Dance Like You’re Dumb (lyric video)

source: IncubusVEVO (YouTube)

Dance because you’re young and you don’t need a reason.

The first time I saw a teaser of this video on my Instagram feed, I just knew I would love this video. Absolutely love it. How can I not, when it’s pure kitty love??? Incidentally, 1:30 was so cute!

And the use of an old computer program — like! It feels like this video was tailor-made for me to like it. Hahahahaha!

(But I admit, 2:20 is a scary visual. Spiraling kitty legs simply do not look sexy to me. Hahahaha!)

The song is a good rocker… and the intro reminds me of Magic Medicine off S.C.I.E.N.C.E.