Lifehouse – Runaways (lyric video)

source: LifehouseVEVO (YouTube)

“Surrender all we know.”

Lifehouse releases a new video off their seventh album Out Of The Wasteland. The first time I heard the song, I knew it was something special. The intro of the song reminds me of Coldplay’s Midnight off Ghost Stories. This song builds up into a rocker, though, and is layered and textured that you can definitely distinguish it from Midnight. Jason is in full control of his vocals here, and the backup vocals (the “second voice”) are nicely done.

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Incubus – Dance Like You’re Dumb (lyric video)

source: IncubusVEVO (YouTube)

Dance because you’re young and you don’t need a reason.

The first time I saw a teaser of this video on my Instagram feed, I just knew I would love this video. Absolutely love it. How can I not, when it’s pure kitty love??? Incidentally, 1:30 was so cute!

And the use of an old computer program — like! It feels like this video was tailor-made for me to like it. Hahahahaha!

(But I admit, 2:20 is a scary visual. Spiraling kitty legs simply do not look sexy to me. Hahahaha!)

The song is a good rocker… and the intro reminds me of Magic Medicine off S.C.I.E.N.C.E.

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Lifehouse – Runaways (audio-only video)

source: Lifehousemusic (YouTube)

“No past or mixed emotions.”

One For The Pain was good, but Runaways is the song that made me sit up and take notice. And that’s saying something, because this track comes right after Flight, and I was totally blown away by Flight when I first heard it. Reminiscent of Coldplay’s Midnight off their latest studio album Ghost Stories, Lifehouse made the sound their own by turning it into a full rock song: layered, textured and airy — the last adjective meaning it would be quite suitable for open-air concerts. Should I have said breezy? Yes, maybe I should have. While Midnight is soothing, this one is breezy — both winners in my book.

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Record Review: Trust Fall (Side A) by Incubus

Incubus dropped the first half of its album on 12 May 2015. Three tracks had already been released (two singles and one by a YouTube post) by the time the EP dropped, but the last one, Dance Like You’re Dumb, isn’t the weakest of the pack. (For me, that spot goes to Make Out Party.) The EP more than satisfies, and would appease the old fans who have been alienated by the sap that oozed from If Not Now, When? The songs are more than upbeat — they’re more textured. They also rock harder here: this EP could have continued where A Crow Left Of The Murder… left off (yes, there was Light Grenades after that, but the hits that that album delivered were more — dare I say it? — pop-oriented).

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Incubus – Make Out Party (lyric video)

source: IncubusVEVO (YouTube)

Let’s get to work.

Incubus continues with the visualization and old-movie style, and those are plus points. The song, at first listen, was unremarkable for me. Brandon Boyd’s falsetto was a bit off-putting, and I wasn’t really sold on the topic of the song itself. I think this is the crudest song that they’ve written… or maybe the topic is just so emphasized because of the title. Because, really, this isn’t the first time the band talks about it (Southern Girl or Here In My Room, anyone? Incidentally, those songs are two of my favorites). But yes, this song will definitely grow on you.

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Lifehouse – Wish (audio-only video)

source: Lifehousemusic (YouTube)

So you found a better hiding place than on the ground, inside the image of who they think you are.

Lifehouse returns to its roots with Wish… well, okay, not really roots, because this sounds like it could have been part of the Stanley Climbfall album. It reminds me of Sky Is Falling (Acoustic). And I’m glad I put on my headphones for this (I usually listen to this track on my iPod with its stock earphones) — I can appreciate the strings in this song.

And the lyrics… It’s just so sad that, yes, it definitely reminds me of Stanley Climbfall — the album and the song. Sigh. No words. ❤

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